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Renton is providing an opportunity for you to share your connection to trees in our city.

Consider what story you’d like to map and share. Do you have a favorite tree or park? Is there an area that needs trees planted? Perhaps you just have a story to tell about a tree? Add as many stories as you’d like.

  • Begin by scrolling down to the map and giving a title to your map marker, type in the address or right click the map at the location (or tap the location directly on the map when using mobile).
  • Choose the type of tree story or category, enter any details or description about your map point, add photos if you have them.
  • Click the checkbox and the “Add marker” button and you’re done!

Staff will review all story submissions prior to displaying them on the Rooted in Renton Tree Stories map. Your experiences, concerns, and values will help shape our Urban Forest Management Plan

(Please note, this is not an interface for collecting service requests. Please visit ‘Renton Responds’ www.seeclickfix.com/renton for this type of service).

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